It all began in September of 1964. Two young men determined to become entrepenures. Ennis Moats and Bob Smith purchased a little motorcycle business from Lou Piper. They started with BSA, Triumph, and Suzuki motorcycles. Over time M&S Cycles expanded from a little shop about the size of a small garage to its current buidling. Ennis was joined in business by his three sons - Randy, Darren, and Bryan, becoming a family owned and run business. As time went by Harley-Davidson and Honda were added to the lineup. Today M&S Cycles has split into two seperate locations one for M&S Harley-Davidson and one for M&S Cycles.


Today M&S Cycles is operated by the oldest son, Randy. M&S Cycles sells Suzuki and Honda Motorcycles, Scooters, Dual Sports, Dirt Bikes, ATVs, and Side by Sides. 


Pictured to the left are as follows (L to R): Lou Piper, Bob Smith, and Ennis Moats.


Below are pictures taken over time of M&S Cycles and its founder Ennis Moats.





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